Most Picturesque Beaches in Corsica for Heavenly Getaways
If you have been searching for a sanctuary that offers exotic beaches for you to dive in and indulge in water sports and sunbathing, Corsica will live up to your expectations for sure. There is a plethora of amazingly looking beaches that you will be able to relish, during your stay in this lovely island of the Mediterranean Sea. French elegance and unspoilt natural settings have made this destination one of the finest locations for you to visit for your holidays. So, instead of experimenting with ordinary places that cannot offer you exactly what you have been yearning, you should go for a trip to Corsica and its magnificent waters.

No matter where you choose to go when you are in Corsica, the turquoise waters and the fabulous sand will fascinate you. La Balagne provides exceptional options for you to benefit from, if you are determined to engage in swimming or scuba diving, snorkelling and other water activities. Calvi and Algajola, Lumio and L’Ile Rousse are just some of the impressive beaches that will make your dreams come true. West Coast prides in having Plage de Cupabia, perhaps the most idyllic beach in Corsica with soft silky sand and crystal clear waters of emerald alluring the travellers. Plage de Nonza is one of the most imposing beaches of St. Florent and the north part of the island. Moriani Plage at the Costa Verde is another option that you should not miss, especially if you are anticipating your time spent basking in the sun and sitting comfortably on the pampering sand. Last but certainly not least, San Ciprianu is a spectacular sandy beach that you can explore and that will carry you away.

As you can imagine, beaches in the region of Corsica are not only abundant, but they are all of exquisite beauty and remarkable quality standards for all the swimmers and the adventurers of the water and nature in general!