Hotel & Spa des Pecheurs

The Hotel & SPA des Pecheurs was built utilizing the typical island rock and is composed of 50 terraced rooms equipped with all the comforts and elegance, overlooking the marvelous crystal waters surrounding the hotel. The Hotel & SPA des Pecheurs was created with a synthesis for the respect of the Island’s wild environment and the necessity of privacy for its guests.

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Hotel Description

A reverie structure hidden in an incredible green oasis, bathed in the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean. A fusion of privacy, elegance and nature create this dreamy ambiance. A breathtaking display of gardens, swimming pool and sundecks which lead down to a gorgeous stretch of white sandy beach. Passionate service with a profound and abiding respect for individual privacy. Such a heavenly and tranquil place is sure to remain impressed in the mind and soul, even after a single night’s stay.

Hotel Contact

Address: Ile de Cavallo, Bonifacio, France , 20169
Tel: +33 495 703 639 , Fax: +33 495 720 203

Location in Corsica